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The Grossman Burn Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital has brought world- class treatment facilities to Kern County


You don’t need to look very hard to notice the impact Aera Energy LLC has made on the San Joaquin Community Hospital (SJCH) Grossman Burn Center and the greater Bakersfield community. Not only is it right there on the side of the building, it’s seen in the lives of the hundreds of burn survivors the facility has treated.

In 2009, Aera Energy sponsored a $300,000 donation through The Aera Energy Fund of the Kern Community Foundation. The generous donation helped fund the building of The Aera Clinic, the outpatient portion of SJCH’s Grossman Burn Center, which opened in June of 2009.

For Aera, the chance to help bring high-quality burn care to Bakersfield was an opportunity the company simply could not pass up.

"The Grossman Burn Center at San Joaquin Community Hospital has brought world-class treatment facilities to Kern County,” said Gaurdie Banister, Aera Energy president & CEO. “It was important to us as a company and as a community member to play a role in making that a reality.”

Due to the nature of burn injuries, extensive rehabilitation is often a must, even for less extensive burns. Prior to the opening of the The Aera Clinic, burn survivors – and their families – were forced to drive more than 100 miles to received specialized burn treatment. But thanks to The Aera Clinic, world-class burn care and rehab is available right here in Bakersfield.

Darin Meadors, whose two-year old son Cole was burned by a campfire, understands the importance of having a local burn center.

“We know what it’s like to have to travel outside our own community to get treatment, so having that facility here was a blessing to us,” Meador said, referring to previous treatment Cole received for valley fever at Valley Children’s Hospital in Merced. “When the accident happened, it was one of the most awful experiences that we have had as parents. The staff at The Aera Clinic not only treated our son’s injuries, they treated our whole family.”

Jacqui Pitt, nurse manager of the Grossman Burn Center, knows the importance of caring for the entire family.

"Our staff stays with the patients throughout their entire treatment,” Pitt said. “We get to know them and their families. That creates a connection and an atmosphere where they feel cared for as people, not just patients.”

In the years since opening, The Aera Clinic continues to serve Bakersfield and Kern County as the only place for specialized outpatient burn treatment and rehabilitation. Without the generous support from Aera Energy, it wouldn’t be possible.

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