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Brothers Suffer Burn Injuries While Making Hash Oil

On February 26th, Ray was using butane to make hash oil in his home when it ignited. Ray suffered burns to 45% of his body, while his brother David, who was nearby, suffered burns to 16% of his body.

Pictured (left to right) Kathleen Connolly, RN, Amy Hedden, RN, Rosa Gutierrez, Outpatient Coordinator, David & Ray, Lesley Angle, PA,-C and Ticyanna Clark, RN - GBC at Memorial Hospital

Both brothers were transported to the Grossman Burn Center at Memorial Hospital. After several weeks in the burn ICU unit and multiple surgeries, Ray strongly advises others to stay away from this dangerous practice. "It's not worth it. I hope people learn from my pain." says Ray.

Their home in Ridgecrest was destroyed and both Ray and David are staying at Hope House in Bakersfield while they complete outpatient burn visits. Although this was a tragic event, Ray's positive experience with the burn staff has inspired him to become a CNA, while still pursuing his music career.


Extracting THC from Marijuana using butane has caused substantial amount of significant burn injuries in the past few years. Dr. Peter H. Grossman guests on The Doctors to speak on the dangers of making hash oil or ‘Dabbing’. VIDEO

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