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1,292 Square Feet of Skin Needed to Treat Victims Burned by New Zealand Volcano Eruption

Inside Edition spoke to Dr. Peter Grossman, Medical Director of the world-renowned Grossman Burn Centers. An urgent call has gone out across the world for human skin needed to treat the victims of the volcano eruption in New Zealand. Doctors have said they need 1,292 square feet of skin.

“That's a huge amount of skin that they're requesting,” he said. "I think they are going to have a very difficult time in getting that order from one particular source. I think the world will come to the assistance to the people of New Zealand." FULL STORY

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a living donor have their skin removed and donate it to the New Zealand burn survivors?

  • Tissues and skin donations are not made directly with burn centers. Grossman Burn Centers does not offer skin removal for the purpose of donation. The process of donation begins with your consent to be a organ and tissue donor. Signing up does not guarantee you will be able to donate your organs, eyes, or tissues (skin).

How is skin donated?

  • Donated skin can be frozen and stored for approximately five years. Skin can only be harvested from the back, legs, and thighs. It does not disfigure the body of the donor in any way (since only a thin layer of skin is harvested from the legs, thighs, and back). You can donate skin within 6 hours of cardiac death.

Who can be a donor?

  • People of all ages and medical histories should consider themselves potential donors. Your medical condition at the time of death will determine what organs and tissues can be donated.

Register to be a Donor: Donate Life America

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