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Families on Lockdown Higher Risk for Burn Injuries

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, self-isolation or quarantine is one of the key strategies in “flattening the curve” of infection rates. Schools are closed and families are living in lockdown.

GBC encourages families to make your home #BurnSafe. According to the American Burn Association 73% of burn injuries happen in the home. In 2014 alone, there were 3,275 recorded deaths from fire and smoke inhalation injuries. The majority of these injuries are preventable.

The following tips can keep everyone safe from burn injuries.

WHEN PREPARING MEALS: • NEVER leave hot drinks or food within the reach of small children. • NEVER allow children to stand on a chair at the stove. • NEVER use the microwave to warm baby bottles or food. • NEVER hold a baby while cooking or drinking hot liquids. • NEVER place a pot on the floor to cool. • ALWAYS turn pot handles away from edge and cook on the back burner. • If something on the stove catches fire, slide a lid on the pot to smother the flames. • Test and change your smoke alarm batteries.

WHEN BATHING CHILDREN: • Test the water temperature with your hand or a bath thermometer BEFORE bathing a child. • NEVER leave a small child alone in the tub. • Set your hot water heater to 120 degrees or less.

IF A FIRE BREAKS OUT: • STAY CALM. Get yourself and the children out of the house immediately, then call 911.

IF A BURN INJURY OCCURS: • Remove the victim from the source of burning. • Smother flames-Stop, Drop and Roll! • If clothing is saturated with hot liquid, remove it. • Cool the burn immediately with cool water for 3 to 5 minutes - NO ice. • Remove any jewelry from burn injured area. • Cover all burns. • If the burn is larger than the size of your palm, cover it with a clean, dry cloth while seeking emergency care.

The Grossman Burn Centers stand at the ready to provide the highest level of care when you need us.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA West Hills Hospital and Medical Center 7300 Medical Center Drive, West Hills, CA 91307 (888) 676-2876 Burn Clinic

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Bakersfield Memorial Hospital 420 34th Street Bakersfield, CA 93301 661-633-BURN (2876) Burn Clinic

MISSOURI Research Medical Center 2316 E. Meyer Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64132 816-276-3518 Burn Clinic

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